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 Basic Rules!

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Creature/Species : Skulldemon

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PostSubject: Basic Rules!   Basic Rules! Icon_minitime27/1/2008, 14:45

Welcome to The Supermonstars RPG Forum!

This is a forum for us who like monsters, werewolves, vampire's, zombies and other supernatural creatures.
Not forget this is also source of inspiration from the Finnish band ; Lordi
The language in the forum is in general ; English

We most warn you;
This is a role play forum that can contain blood, violation, supernatural and erotic parts.
So if you don’t want to be apart of this, then go.
For the rest of you; Welcome

And please read the rule’s before you get stared in the RPG

In order to keep the boards running smoothly, we ask that you follow these basic rules:

1 § Respect other members
Threats, personal insult ,attacking or harassing other members on the forums is not allowed.
This includes trolling ;
- Posting with the intention of upsetting people and/or starting arguments.
Sure that discussion can go off topic and over the limit time to time.
But call the Mod or Admin , So we can clear it out.

This is very important rule of all
And if you don`t follow this one you will be banned from this forum

2 § One member account
Each person is allowed to register only one username.
Thats mean you are allowed to one account
If you want to change your username, send a pm to the Admin.

3 § No Rush or hurry up on people
It's not allowed to rush people
It is not allowed to rush people to respond in topic/thread or pm's
This also applies to Art Corner
And Admin & mod job in Update, ect.

4 § Spam isn't allowed.
This includes :
- Posting excessively short posts or useless posts
For just to increase your post count
Also Quote other quote as a answer and noting more.
- Posting for advertising (posting a link to a website, forum,ect)
For the sole purpose of gaining members or visitors
- Double posting
With means posting twice or more in a row in the same thread .

* But :
Unless it's in Art Corner (see the specific rules for there)
There you are allowed to post to keep the ,FanFiction and other updating
- Create bashing/hate topic of any kind is not allowed.
You have the freedom to dislike any movie, series, thats true.
But We won't have a topic how much you or other hate a specific series, movies, characters and so one.

Do not post topic/thread who already exist.
To avoid the confusion , use the Search machine before you post a new topic.

6 § Warn about :
If there are violence, blood parts
Remember This forum can contain blood, violation, supernatural and erotic parts.
This include the Art Corner ( Fanfiction, Artwork & Graphic work) aswell as the rollplay
or the RPG.

7 § Banners:
When it come to image/banners in your signature
For now ;
Max 600X200
The width 600 & 200height

Maximum two banners
This maximum amount includes two banners / images

This is not the time to be charged to users on the forum.
Nor do I wish that the Forum's stricture pulled out, ect.


Remember !
You are responsible your own personal arguments.
If you brake any of this rules you are out of here.

Remember that the Moderators and the Administrators aren't responsible for anything that happens outside of the forums.
This including arguments between members and so on


If you are unsure about anything, just ask in Suggestion & Question section
And we will help you
The rules will be updated
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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

Basic Rules! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Basic Rules!   Basic Rules! Icon_minitime3/12/2010, 20:21

Rules have been update !
Please read
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Basic Rules!
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