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 The Forum News

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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

PostSubject: The Forum News   31/10/2008, 11:17

This will be small new what I have updated on the Board/Forum.


  • Added some more smiles
    In category 1 you can see them.
    I'm working on how to make new category's, so we have more themes to choose from.

  • Updated the icons for the forum
    Some icons were blank, so I just update them.

  • The Zodiac them are changed
    Now it's a lighter version with more colors
    If you thing that old one were much better, tell me and I will change back

  • Updated the ranks
    There will be a topic about the Ranks later
    And Hight you get in post ,you will get stars under your rank text

  • Update the Users Profiles
    There are more to write down about yourself, if you want.
    I change the Job/hobbies to Occupation
    But There will be info on your Interests (Your hobby) there you can fill in.
    On the Profiles --> Personalized profile
    There will be more about you, like Interests, Personal Quote, Music and so on
    More personal things.



Took away the The Zodiac thing
Show the last topic titles on index
Update the Forum favicon
added Moon icon

1/3 -09
No more Swedish part and go all the way on English.
Also I (Prue) will move around topic's, section so it will be more easy to find and so it's not so messy.

Last edited by Prue on 15/3/2009, 05:44; edited 1 time in total
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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

PostSubject: Re: The Forum News   3/12/2010, 19:44

News on the Board/Forum.



  • Now members can go in at ; RPG Characters
    And do some change on their characters.
    The only looked are ; Inactive characters.

  • Cleaning up start.
    Old topic on the rpg can be close.
    If there is anyone who want awake the topic

  • new icon class/rank are in process
    Tips, proposal, ideas are welcome

  • In process. The Rules of the forum will be update

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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

PostSubject: Re: The Forum News   18/6/2012, 15:44

News on the Board/Forum

18 /6 - 2012

  • Update some of the Forum skin

  • On the Pics management, I added new icons and buttons
    Updated more or less

  • I check the Smilies icons
    and will soon update more

  • Update the spam filter (more or less)

  • I added a new category at Suggestion & Question
    " Oldies of suggestion & questions "
    There will be old topics of idea and other .
    Just to keep it clean and update on SQ

More will be updater later on ^^
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PostSubject: Re: The Forum News   

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The Forum News
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