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 The Ranks

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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

The Ranks Empty
PostSubject: The Ranks   The Ranks Icon_minitime24/11/2009, 22:42

* this will be update *

Staff :

Admin- Administrator
Gargoyles - Moderator

FlameCurry own the forum
And are the ultimate Administrator


Members :
You start with ;
Zombie (New member)
Then you go up , for more post you post in the forum:

Child of the night
Delicious angel

The highest rank/class for members is :


Then we have a other special rank ; Poltergeist
This member of this class is on the verge of being kicked out of the forum.
This may be due to various reasons.
But it's Admin who takes the decisions on this.
Note that this straight, you can not reach via the post. but it is a rank of Admin assigns

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The Ranks
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