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 What's your favourite drink

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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

PostSubject: What's your favourite drink   16/12/2010, 18:25

My favorite soda rink are ; Sprite
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It's just a sweet taste and it's not to sweet and not to strange (can you say that ?)
Like 7 up.. it's feel to sweet for my taste

Beside Sprite I love also Coca Cola Cherry
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More or less addicted to Cola Cherry.

Beside soda drink I like
warm Chocolate milk and tea
I used to drink coffee, but may stress the stomach.
And this is but more fond of the three or chocolate. It is tastier and makes a not have problem too sleep, like coffe.
Also not to forget I like to drink water...

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Child of the night
Child of the night

PostSubject: Re: What's your favourite drink   17/12/2010, 01:13

(OwO* Well, I do not drink soda drinks so much as I always feel it stabs my tongue and throat Embarassed
My favorite drinks are coffee (both hot and cold), hot milk and cocoa.

And I sometimes drink liquors too. Well, I prefer sweet liquors to bitter one, ehe~. My tounge is, maybe, still child's thing than adult!
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What's your favourite drink
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