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 Rules for the trade market

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Creature/Species : Werewolf Demon

Rules for the trade market Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the trade market   Rules for the trade market Icon_minitime25/1/2011, 05:59

If the trade market is not working due to people & events, we will close it.

The problems do not hesitate to admin or mod via pm.


Here are some instructions to include in the ads:

1st : If you're selling, buying, change, and so you have to write about the goods.

2nd: Contact Method
Tell us about the buyer, the seller can contact you.
Mail, MSN or via pm.
Personal contact information, such as address, telephone number, mobile, ect will be held via pm.

3rd : Shipping Place
How will goods be sent?
What will the cost be, ect

4th : Payment
How will payment be made?
Pay at pick up, bank, paypal, ect

Please send us an end date or if you want the thread open until deal is over

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Tips to write with, depending on what the product is;

- Regions
DVD regions have been introduced from the studios to release movies to take place at different times on different continents.
Region-coded film can not play in a DVD player unless it has the same region coding as the movie encoded in.

- PAL or NTSC format
PAL = Phase Alternation Line. It is the TV standard is most common in Western Europe.
NTSC = National Television Standards Committee is the TV standard used primarily in the U.S. and Japan.

- Language
As for the language has to be ((as DVD), there are subtitles in?

- Blu-ray Disc
Blu-ray Disc or BD is a format for digital storage of large amounts of data, including high-definition movies and games.

High-Definition/Density Digital Versatile Disc was a high-density disc format developed by Toshiba in order to store large amounts of data, including HD movies

Volumes / edition
Perhaps the product belongs to a series & then it's good to bring the volume or edition.
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Rules for the trade market
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